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Woman forced to leave over pregnancy wins compensation

Woman forced to leave over pregnancy wins compensation

A woman whose employer forced to her leave her job when she fell pregnant has won £8,000 in compensation.

Angela Hildreth had been working as a finance manager in the Perdu bar in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

However, one month after telling her bosses she was pregnant she was instructed that must choose between the job and her baby and was subjected to a campaign that she said included "harassment, a very negative appraisal, having my wages docked and my life made a misery".

The £8,000 award follows an initial hearing in February in which it was found that she had been the victim of sexual discrimination, had suffered loss of earnings and had been constructively dismissed.

Commenting on the case, Miss Hildreth said: "When I told my employers I was pregnant, I was basically told to choose between my baby or my job. After a number of meetings and discussions relating to my pregnancy, and a very unfavourable appraisal, I left the company in February 2006. I felt I had been forced into leaving."

Miss Hildreth is now manages a fish restaurant in Gosforth.