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Suffolk schools reveal compensation payouts

Suffolk schools reveal compensation payouts

A total of £666,000 has been paid out in compensation by Suffolk schools over the last five years.

The majority of the payments resulted from personal injury claims, with the largest single payment standing at £200,000 which was paid to a teacher who was attacked.

A total of 59 liability payments were made to other teachers, pupils and their parents, with the highest award paid to a pupil being £38,322 for a personal injury claim.

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council told the Evening Star: "The figures are heavily skewed by a small number of large payments, such as the single largest payment of £199,967 which was paid in relation to an assault on a member of staff by a pupil.

"Claims in respect of the council's responsibilities for public and employer's liability are assessed by the council's insurers on its behalf," he added.

The schools also made payments for accidental damage, vandalism, theft and bullying.