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Longbridge workers cleared to claim compensation

Longbridge workers cleared to claim compensation

The government has finally agreed to amend legislation allowing 24 Powertrain workers in Longbridge to pursue claims for compensation following their contracting extrinsic allergic alveolitis.

The Transport and General Workers Union has finally won a four-year battle which started in March 2003 when an unusual number of occupational asthma was reported at the Longbridge factory.

One hundred and one workers were affected including 24 with extrinsic allergic alveolitis, the Health and Safety Executive revealed.

Transport union regional organiser John Walsh welcomes the decision: "We have at last changed the law - these were people who lot their jobs and for some, also their health."

The HSE had discovered in 2006 that the disease had been caused by mist from metal-working machines.
Unions are expecting to recover as much as £4 million in compensation through civil action.

Powertrain makes engines for MG Rover cars, whose insurers are also being asked to pay personal injury claims of occupational asthma by the Transport and General Workers Union.