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J-Lo and Marc Antony to sue for libel damages

J-Lo and Marc Antony to sue for libel damages

Hollywood couple Jennifer Lopez, 37, and Marc Antony, 38, are to sue an American gossip magazine for libel damages after a report linking the couple to a drugs scandal.

The article appeared in the National Enquirer's British and Irish editions on March 12th and alleged that the couple were "caught up in a heroin scandal".

Alongside the article the magazine also reprinted an old a photo of Mr Antony with Michael Star, who is set to face charges of heroin possession in America and quoted a source as saying the two were friends.

However, Mr Antony claims he had no knowledge of Mr Star and was only posing for the picture in the way he would do for any fan that came backstage at one of his concerts.

In response to the article the couple are said to be seeking six-figure damages, a retraction and an apology.

Having initially filed the case at the Belfast High Court, they subsequently intend to pursue actions across Europe.

The National Enquirer has thus far declined to comment on the case.

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