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Irish academic wins compensation over discriminatory interview

Irish academic wins compensation over discriminatory interview

An academic who was discriminated against because she was from Ireland has won £35,000 in an employment tribunal, the Guardian has reported.

Patricia Walls had applied for a research job at the university in 2005 that involved her looking into ways of improving provision of mental health services for ethnic minorities.

During Ms Walls opined that the policy would be improved if the study's remit was extended to cover Irish and Chinese people.

After being turned down for the job in favour of a less well qualified candidate, Ms Walls took her case to an employment tribunal on the grounds that her comment had lead to her not being awarded the position.

The tribunal found that she had been discriminated against and not been given the job because the interview panel perceived she would not be as interested in a role that did not involved helping people who were not from Ireland.

Warwick University denies that the interview process was discriminatory and is to appeal against the ruling.