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Foot complaint bin man wins compensation

Foot complaint bin man wins compensation
A bin man who was given boots that did not fit him properly which caused a painful foot injury has won £3,000 compensation from his local council.

David Evans was given the protective boots by Sandwell Metropolitan District Council but returned them within two days when he found they did not fit him properly and asked the council to find him a new pair.

However, because of a shortage of boots, Mr Evans was forced to go to work in trainers that afforded him none of the protection that the specifically designed boots.

As a result, after Mr Evans worked for a further four months he contracted a foot condition called Planatar Fasciitis, which caused him great pain.

Under the terms of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations, employers are obliged to provide the requisite protecting equipment and clothing to ensure the safety of their client.

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition caused by excessive wear and can result in an inflamed heel spur, which impairs the sufferer's ability to bear weight and makes the action of walking painful.