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Compensation for woman after slipping on pigeon excrement

Compensation for woman after slipping on pigeon excrement
A pensioner from Wandsworth has been awarded £20,000 in compensation after slipping on pigeon excrement.

Lois Matcham, 64, was walking under a railway bridge in Battersea in May 2003, when she lost her footing and fell, fracturing her left arm.

She told how a policeman who came to her rescue also tripped on the pavement and narrowly escaped being injured himself.

Mrs Matcham's injury left her unable to work, and permanently disabled.

Court action was taken against both Wandsworth Council and Network Rail, who were jointly responsible for cleaning both the railway bridge and the pavement underneath.

Lois Matcham said there had been "longstanding history of complaints" from residents prior to her accident, with the local residents' association informing the council about the state of the pavement on numerous occasions."

Representing Mrs Matcham, Kim Bouwer at Thompsons Solicitors commented that the compensation was "wholly justified".