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Age discrimination in workplace still a problem

Age discrimination in workplace still a problem

New regulations to prevent ageism in the workplace have had little impact, according to new survey.

Research from Proctor & Gamble and the Employers Forum on Age (EFA) has found that in spite of legislation that came into force six months ago, over two-thirds of people surveyed reported that nothing had altered in the recruitment of staff.

It was also found that just under a quarter of respondents perceived that their age had seen them turned down for a job in the past.

Meanwhile, of the 750 businesses surveyed less than one in five had adapted their recruitment policy to comply with the employment reforms.

Sam Mercer, EFA director, told "Six months on, it is disappointing to find that so many people are still falling victim to ageism at work. It just goes to show that a change in the law is merely the first step in a long journey towards tackling endemic social prejudices.

"We still regularly spot job adverts that contravene the regulations, asking for 'young professionals', 'recent graduates', 'young talents', and 'mature candidates' or saying that salary will be offered depending on 'age and experience'," he added.