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Woman left widowed after operation wins six-figure award

Woman left widowed after operation wins six-figure award

A Southampton woman whose husband died after an operation in a hospital has won a six-figure compensation award.

Angela Smith, of Barton-on-Sea, was left widowed in 2001 after her husband George Smith, 61, died less than a week after he went to a private hospital for a hernia operation.

Ms Smith was awarded the sum as an out-of-court settlement when the court found that the surgeon had been negligent in failing to diagnose deep vein thrombosis, which led to her husband's death from a blood clot on his lungs.

Solicitor, Nick Gray, said: "It's clear there were serious shortcomings that led to George's sudden and unexpected death, which came about as a result of what should have been a straightforward procedure to repair a hernia."

The case has also been reported by Ms Smith to the General Medical Council (GMC), which will now launch an inquiry into the case.

Mrs Smith said: "I just hope that what I've done will save lives in the future."

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