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Wealthy widow faces six-figure divorce payout

Wealthy widow faces six-figure divorce payout

A moneyed woman who married a worker on her estate is set to lose out in their impending divorce settlement.

It is estimated that Mary MacNiven,59, may end up paying a six-figure settlement to her husband Darren Balloch, 41, whom she married in 2005.

The couple initially split after Mr Balloch was arrested when he was acting aggressively with a shotgun at their home.

However, after getting back together for a short time the relationship ended.

Commenting on the case in the Daily Record, a local resident is reported to have said: "Mary hoped he would change his ways but he hasn't. She said it's definitely over this time and she's getting a divorce.

"He was penniless when she married him, while she is worth a tidy sum," he added.

Earlier in the couple's marriage Ms McNiven, who already owned a property worth £300,000, had bought a £100,000 house in Mr Balloch's name.