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Son's fight for asbestos-cancer compensation near an end

Son's fight for asbestos-cancer compensation near an end
The son of a man who died from asbestos-related cancer has called for changes in compensation laws.

The man's son, who requested he remain unnamed, has dubbed the law "a disgrace", after he has received only an interim payment two years after the family began to lobby for the case to be brought to court.

Last week, however, a writ was finally issued claiming that the man's 72-year-old father, who died in 2005, developed malignant asbestos-related lung cancer mesolthelioma when working for chemical company ICI as a welder in Wilmington.

The case is due to be heard later this month, but solicitors acting for the family have reassured them that new rulings and systems are in place which can help families to get the financial assistance they need much quicker than before.

Janet Finney, asbestos litigation solicitor, said: "Though families have historically faced long battles for compensation, this is no longer the case. Procedures are now in place under a High Court judge who has implemented a fast-track system specific to these cases.

"It guarantees an early interim payment to mesolthelioma victims to help provide for care and aids which they may need and so improve their quality of life, providing holidays and so on whilst claimants are still in good health," she added.