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Solicitors want 'no-fault' divorces

Solicitors want 'no-fault' divorces

UK solicitors have called for the introduction of no-fault, no-liability divorce settlements.

Lawyers' organisation Resolution, which has about 5,000 members, has argued that such a system would act as a bulwark against "the blame culture" it has identified in family law.

It is thought that the no-fault divorces would put children's wellbeing at the centre of legal proceedings by reducing the potential for mudslinging from their parents.

Jane McCulloch, group chairman of Resolution said: "Under current law, anyone wanting an immediate divorce has to prove 'unreasonable behaviour' or adultery on the part of their husband or wife.

"This blame culture of unreasonable behaviour introduces a degree of discord and unpleasantness into divorce proceedings from their very inception," she added.

A similar measure to the one proposed had been mooted as part of the 1996 Family Law Act, but was subsequently shelved.

Statistics for 2005 show there were over 150,000 divorces throughout Britain in 2005.