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Sacked school receptionist wins compensation

Sacked school receptionist wins compensation

A Cumbria woman who was dismissed from her reception job at a school has won undisclosed compensation in an employment tribunal.

The out-of-court settlement for Gill James, 54, comes after she was sacked after from her job at Keswick School for perceived misconduct in June last year.

At a subsequent tribunal earlier this year she was cleared of the charge by three governors and an independent advisor from Capita, with the result that the school accepted that it had been guilty of unfair dismissal.

However, when she tried to return to her old job she was told that the damage done by the case to her relationships with other staff members meant that this was not possible.

She was then offered an initial settlement by the school, but rejected it in favour of pursuing a claim to be reinstated so that the full details of her case would be presented to the court.

Ms James will not now be reassuming her job, but is looking for work in a new field.

Commenting on her decision to sue for damages, she said: "This was not about money, but about my integrity."