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Policeman sues Daily Mail for libel damages

Policeman sues Daily Mail for libel damages

A Metropolitan Police detective sergeant is to sue for libel damages after the Daily Mail published a story he claims was defamatory.

Girpal Virdi is seeking compensation after the newspaper carried a story with the headline "Sikh police officer who won hate mail payout sues again".

Mr Verdi claims that the words mean that an independent inquiry found him guilty or that there is a strong case to assume he had initiated the hate campaign, and that as a result his reputation was damaged.

The case comes after Mr Verdi was wrongfully dismissed from his position in March 2000 after serving with the force for 16 years.

His sacking came followed an inquiry into 15 non-white policeman receiving post promoting racism, which appeared to have been delivered via the station's internal mail system.

After a police disciplinary tribunal Mr Verdi was dismissed from the force, but appealed against the decision in an employment tribunal which found he had been discriminated against and awarded compensation of £150,000.

Mr Verdi was also subsequently awarded £200,000 in compensation from Scotland Yard.