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Obese child is allowed to stay with mother

Obese child is allowed to stay with mother

An obese eight-year-old has been allowed to stay with his mother after social services had threatened to put him into care.

The mother of Connor McCreaddie, who existed on a diet of junk food, was told the boy would be taken away at Christmas when it was discovered that he weighed 15 stone 8 pounds.

However, a programme of exercise and an improved diet has seen the boy slim down to 14 stone, prompting the local authority's decision let him stay at home at a hearing yesterday.

The threat to remove him from his home came after the boy appeared on a television programme, whereupon paediatricians warned that if he stayed at his pre-Christmas weight he was at risk of developing diabetes and could have a significantly reduced lifespan.

Commenting on the case Neville Rugby of the International Study of Obesity in London said: "Obesity and diabetes used to be seen as middle-age problems, but now we're seeing more and more children with both problems."