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NHS pays £3m to brain-damaged boy

NHS pays £3m to brain-damaged boy

A young boy who incurred brain damage while being treated in hospital has won £3 million compensation.

Benjamin Hobson, 8, was taken for treatment to St George's Hospital in 2000 after complaining of difficulties with his breathing.

However, the endotracheal tube that was supposed to assist respiration moved from its position and lead to a heart attack from which Benjamin was resuscitated, only for lack of oxygen to cause brain damage.

The damages were awarded by the High Court after St George's Hospital admitted liability.

Philip Havers QC, who was representing the defendants, said: "No amount of compensation of course can turn back the clock, but the trust hopes and believes that the sums which they have agreed to pay to Benjamin throughout his lifetime will provide his parents with some modest recompense for the devoted care they have provided to him, and provide Benjamin with what he will need for the future."

The damages will be paid in instalments throughout the boy's life along with an initial sum of £1.2 million.