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Michael Jackson in new custody battle

Michael Jackson in new custody battle

Michael Jackson is to face another custody battle after a woman who claims she is the biological mother of his three children.

Nona Paris Lola Jackson field papers in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, seeking custody of Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II as well as ownership of Jackson's Neverland ranch.

It is thought that Nona is proposing that Jackson retains full legal custody, and has included a timetable of provisions as to how the system would work.

According to legal documents and birth certificates Debbie Rowe, Mr Jackson's former wife, gave birth to the three children.

Nona said: "Debbie's hospital records will prove that my kids are not hers because of DNA.

"I gave birth through the means of water birth because I am technically an herbalist."

This is the third time Mr Jackson has faced a custody battle, with court hearings on the motion due to take place May 2nd and May 30th.