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Met police paid out £6m in compensation last year

Met police paid out £6m in compensation last year

The Metropolitan Police paid out over £6 million in compensation to officers and members of the public in 2006.

The claims accrued as a result of accidents for which the police force were liable and included vehicle-related 1597 civil claims totalling £3.26 million.

Meanwhile, a further 1,982 accidents that did not involve police vehicles and resulted from accidents in police stations led to payouts of £2.76 million.

The latest figures come after a report from the police service in February of this year showed that London's police force had paid out a total of £500,000 to 49 South London residents over the last three years, with the average amount of compensation standing at £10,000.

Civilians wishing to make a compensation claim against police have to do so within six years of the incident and are able to claim under seven categories including false imprisonment, negligence, malicious prosecution and assault.

Recent research showed that the Metropolitan Police are typically dealing with up to 2,500 compensation claims at any one time, not including claims accruing from breaches in employment law.