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Lung cancer mechanic turns the screw on former employers

Lung cancer mechanic turns the screw on former employers
A mechanic who contracted lung cancer from asbestos brake pads has won £300,000 compensation.

Jonathan Hutchinson, 50, of Hughenden Valley in Buckinghamshire reached the out-of-court settlement with a raft of companies he had been employed by, for whom his responsibilities had included stripping asbestos brake pads.

He had contracted mesolthelioma in 2003 and been forced to undergo a lung removal operation a year later, which has left him unable to work.

However, under the terms of the settlement his former employers have not accepted liability for the Mr Hutchinson's condition.

Mr Hutchinson said: "I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it was resolved. I could have ended up with nothing. It has made a significant difference to my family.

"I can send my son Jack to do an MA at Nottingham University and my daughter Laura to study Psychology at Nottingham."

Despite the success of Mr Hutchinson's operation, it is expected that the lung cancer will return.