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Lawyer wins £1.4m after being mis-prescribed steroids

Lawyer wins £1.4m after being mis-prescribed steroids
A lawyer who suffered from paranoid delusions and depression after being mis-prescribed a super-strong dose of steroids was yesterday awarded £1.4 million compensation.

Cathy Horton, who is also ordained as a priest, sued Lloyds Pharmacy in Coventry when a pharmacist failed to notice that a GP had mistakenly prescribed the drug to Ms Horton in 2001.

Mrs Horton, who only had a minor ailment, was given a dose of dexamethasone said to be eight times stronger than she had been used to taking.

After an initial hearing at the High Court in November last year, Mr Justice Keith ruled that Lloyds Pharmacy had been negligent in not following correct procedures and were liable for damages.

Ms Horton, who used to earn £287,000 per year, had been seeking damages of £5 million.