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Disabled woman wins £375,000

Disabled woman wins £375,000
A disabled woman with learning difficulties has won £375,000 in damages after she was hit by a motor-scooter and left with severe head injuries.

Encarnation Josephine King, 41, was crossing with her father the City Road in Islington, north London when a moped collided with her.

As a result of the crash, Ms King's existing learning difficulties were exacerbated, leaving her in need of extra care.

Commenting on the case, defence counsel Quentin Tudor-Evans said: "On behalf of my client I would like to pay tribute to the family and especially Carnita's mother and father who have had to cope with a very difficult situation.

"I hope this settlement, while it cannot turn the clock back, will improve Carnita's quality of life to a considerable extent," he added.

It is thought that the award payable by the moped driver's insurers would probably have been higher had Ms King not already had a cognitive impairment.

Mr King was also awarded small damages for the "mental shock" he suffered as a witness of the accident.