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Car crash woman sues for £400,000 compensation

Car crash woman sues for £400,000 compensation

A woman who was left with spinal damage and in need of specialised treatment after a road accident is bidding for £400,000 compensation.

Jackie Lodge, 37, of Crowthorne, Berkshire, was driving her car on the M4 in 1999 when she was struck by a pick-up truck, leaving her with severe damage to her spine and suffering from a series of mental episodes she likened to "electric shocks".

A London civil court heard how Ms Lodge has had to travel to Florida two or three times a year for injections and to obtain special medicine to alleviate the pain, with the travel costs thereof reflected in the amount for which Ms Lodge is suing.

Although the motorists insurers do not dispute liability, they are contesting the degree of her injuries, which they say amount to "mild whiplash", and the consequent amount of damages.

Deputy judge Nigel Wilkinson is considering his verdict.