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Car crash security employee wins compensation

Car crash security employee wins compensation
A Securicor employee has won £32,250 in compensation after an injury incurred in a car accident left him unable to work.

Vishaul Gopaul, 32, won the damages after the company admitted liability for the accident, which occurred in August 2004 while he was on money-collection duty.

As a result of the crash he sustained shoulder and back injuries when the driver of a company van lost control of the vehicle, causing it to crash and turn over.

Commenting on the extent of his injuries Mr Gopaul said: "As the van overturned, my left shoulder and back were injured. After the accident, I was able to use my left arm for light work but couldn't undertake any significant lifting, heavy housework or heavy gardening. My back injury improved but the nerve in my left shoulder was trapped and it caused me constant pain."

After the accident, Mr Gopaul found he was unable to resume work and was dismissed from the company on the grounds of ill health in 2006.