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Woman wins £250,000 after loading bay accident

Woman wins £250,000 after loading bay accident

A woman whose head was crushed by a lorry in a loading bay has been awarded almost a quarter of a million pounds in damages.

Candace Donaldson, 58, of Inverness, Scotland suffered the injuries in 1998 when a reversing lorry trapped her against the wall of the loading bay and was awarded £243,750.

As a result she suffered severe brain damage and skull fractures that meant she was no longer able to run her dog grooming business.

However, although the judge conceded that the drivers should have made sure someone was watching out for passers-by, he also insisted that Mrs Donaldson was 25 per cent to blame for the incident and so did not award the extent of damages she had initially sought.

Commenting on the outcome the woman's husband told The Scotsman: "Since the accident my wife has made good progress - she received excellent treatment at the Raigmore Hospital in Inverness and still undertakes rehabilitation treatment in Peebles.

"We are both pleased that the court proceedings are finally over - we have waited a long time."