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Record gay discrimination pay-out

Record gay discrimination pay-out

A media sales manager from Glasgow has been awarded nearly £120,000 in compensation after being sacked from his job because of his sexual preference.

Jonah Ditton was verbally abused on a daily basis by his colleagues at CP Publishing because he is gay, and was then fired after only eight days in the job.

At the tribunal, Mr Ditton said that he had suffered severe depression for months following the incident, which had affected his ability to earn in the future.

The compensation is the highest ever awarded by an employment tribunal for bias on the grounds of sexual preference, with the court sending a message to employers that such actions are not acceptable regardless of how short a time the employee remained in the job.

Welcoming the outcome, Mr Ditton said: "I do not feel my sexuality had any bearing on my ability to do my job. I was truly hurt and upset.

"They are foul individuals and they should be punished as much as possible."