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Motorbike crash victim awarded £1.2m compensation

Motorbike crash victim awarded £1.2m compensation

A man has been awarded at least £1.2 million compensation after a road accident left him brain-damaged.

Kunal Karl Lindsay, 28, incurred the injuries when his motorbike was hit by a car on the A4 motorway in Gloucestershire, after Kenneth Wood had failed to look before he pulled out.

As a result of the crash Mr Lindsay was left with broken bones and mental injuries that mean he is unable to work and is fixated with expensive mobile phones.

He also developed a marijuana habit that caused his wife, who is currently residing in Australia, a considerable degree of anguish.

Mr Wood's insurance company do not dispute liability but are contesting the size of the damages, which largely hinge on whether they decide that Mr Lindsay requires around-the-clock care.

If the court decides that Mr Lindsay does require constant care the award could be as high as £4 million.

News of Mr Lindsay's case comes after a high-flying former-Vodafone executive was last week awarded £1.1 million after a motorbike accident in London left her with impaired cognitive abilities