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Elderly woman injured in chase wins £8,000

Elderly woman injured in chase wins £8,000

An elderly woman has won £8,000 in damages after she was knocked to the floor by a policeman who was running after a suspect.

Mary Reilly sued Strathclyde Police when she was left with a head injury and two fractures after Scott Mclaren collided with her in the East End of Glasgow.

After colliding with the woman Mr Mclaren did not stop to attend to the woman and continued the chasing the man, who was known to the police for involvement in car theft.

Since incurring the injuries the arthritis with which the woman was afflicted has worsened and she has also suffered nosebleeds and ulcers.

The court heard that Mr Mclaren did not realise that he had hit the woman until one of his colleagues informed him later on.

However, the sheriff still decided that although Mr Mr Mclaren might reasonably have been unaware of what happened, he had still "breached the duty of care incumbent on him".

Commenting on the case in a written statement, the sheriff said: "In the exercise of his duty as a police constable, he owed a duty of care to the woman in the circumstances as they existed in Westmuir Street at the material time.

"In the circumstances that existed on that pavement, he ran too fast to avoid striking [Mrs Reilly] and failed to keep a proper lookout for her," he added.

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