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Bereaved aircrash family win £245,000 compensation

Bereaved aircrash family win £245,000 compensation

The family of an ex-SAS man who died after ejecting from his aeroplane on the motorway have been awarded £245,000 compensation.

The bereaved mother of three, Tina Clark of Hertfordshire, had been suing for three times that figure, but settled for the lesser amount reaching a compromise with the aircraft manufacturers, Rocketseat.

In accordance with the judge's recommendations £5,000 will go to each child for their education, with the balance going to Mrs Clark.

Mrs Clark, who has since remarried, said: "I'm very pleased it's all over. I can now start sleeping at night again.

"I knew we would lose everything if I lost. I was doing it for the children. I couldn't walk away," she added.

The accident occurred in 2002 when the brakes of the private aeroplane that Mr Clark was flying failed when he landed at Duxford.

After failing to stop, the aeroplane crashed through a fence and onto the M11 motorway, whereupon Mr Clark activated his ejector seat and died from injuries incurred by the impact.