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I'm Talking Health

When it comes to conversations, whether it’s a catch up with friends or small talk with a stranger at the bus stop, we tend to have fail safe subjects. The weather, holiday plans, a funny tale about your child or pet, our conversations tend to follow a relatively similar format. One thing that doesn’t come up very often though is our personal health.

For whatever reason people tend to be less willing to open up about physical and mental health. According to a recent survey that we carried out, 68% said they wouldn’t openly talk about their health with work colleagues whilst 57% said they would happily open up to friends and family.

There is also a vast rise in the amount of health information that is available at our fingertips. With an increasing amount of health advice websites across the internet more people are turning to these as a way of avoiding talking to a doctor. 62% of the people we surveyed said they are more likely to search for their medical symptoms online than speak to a medical professional.

It’s not just physical and mental health that people are averse to talking about. Medical negligence is a topic that most people would rather avoid but if you feel like you’ve been mistreated by a medical professional then it’s important that you speak to someone who can help.

Here at Slater and Gordon we’re on hand to help if you find yourself facing medical negligence issues. Our team of specialist experts are here to offer you support and advice.

We’d love for you to help us spread the word about why it’s so important to start a conversation about our health. Join us on social media using the hashtag #ImTalkingHealth.

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