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The Perfect Working World

Whether you’re a full time workaholic who never leaves the office before dark or a part-time professional who balances your career with the demands of family life, the perfect working world is a very subjective concept.

While some of us prefer to work in the peace and quiet of a silent office, others prefer a more dynamic daily routine and this variance comes as no surprise with the increasing diversity of modern workplaces.

We surveyed almost 900 members of the British public, all of whom are currently working in a shared workspace. We found that 66% work indoors, 10% work from home, 4% have an outdoor job and 15% chose ‘Other’ which demonstrates the growing diversity. We also asked our respondents some questions around what they like or dislike about where they work in order to gain some insight into the most common pet peeves.

For 23% general untidiness was their biggest annoyance, while 18% cited lots of noise as their most significant irritation. Other popular choices were room temperature (18%), people coming into work when they are ill (12%) and particularly pungent food choices (5%). On the other hand, 52% said that the personalities of their colleagues plays the biggest part in maintaining a harmonious workplace. Attitude of the company itself (18%), a manageable workload (18%) and the facilities on offer (3%) were also amongst the respondents’ selections.

As part of our research, we also wanted to offer some advice around the importance of professional conduct and how you can become an upstanding employee. With so many of those polled placing significance on the temperament of their team members as instrumental in the efficiency of a workspace, doing your bit for professional conduct is essential.

Ensuring you’re doing things like adhering to company dress codes, being punctual, remaining calm if conflict arises and being honest and trustworthy is a great way to do this. Similarly, aim to avoid things like breaching policies or contracts, swearing in the workplace, disrupting your peers and letting your personal life infringe in your professionalism.

If you do happen to find yourself dealing with any employment law issues around factors such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, contract matters, harassment or discrimination, get in touch with one of our employment experts.

To share your own thoughts on the perfect working world and to find out what everybody else is saying, come and join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using the #MyWorkingWorld hashtag. Whether it’s a big, noisy office with lots going on or a cosy corner to yourself somewhere quiet, we want to hear all about what you love about where you work and what you would change if you had the power to.

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