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Seasonal Travels - Staying Safe This Winter

When Winter rolls around we turn up our heating, add an extra layer or two and start wondering whether summer even happened or if we blinked and missed it.

Holiday travel accidents

Despite the drop in temperatures we still have to make our way from A to B and with adverse weather conditions more than likely, sparing a thought for our health and safety is essential.We surveyed 2000 members of the British public to find out what they think about staying safe when on their travels during the colder months. For 56% of people, driving - either in a car or taxi - is the number one way to get to their destination in Winter. If you’re with the majority and opt to drive then make sure you check your car is able to deal with heavy weather. Remember that stopping distances double in wet weather and increase tenfold in snow and ice, take a more considered approach when driving.

If you’d rather hop on your bike then the cold weather doesn’t have to stop you. Many of the UK’s cycle routes look their best on a crisp winter day but make sure you stay safe in the saddle. Wear plenty of layers, consider a reflective jacket and don’t forget to adjust your speed depending on the conditions. Stick to the route and keep an eye on the time to ensure you make it back before it’s dark.

Getting some fresh air on a winter's walk is the ideal way to blow off the cobwebs but slips and trips can be common in wet and icy weather. Making sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear and a fair few layers will help to ward off any unwanted health and safety issues. Checking the weather forecast before you leave is always an essential because no one wants to get caught in a downpour without a coat.

If the cooler temperatures aren’t for you and you find yourself jetting off to a sunnier clime then you still need to remember to stay safe. If you are off on holiday during the winter months then make sure you give yourself extra time to make it to the airport or ferry port. If you’re off on a winter break to catch the snow on the slopes then make sure you only partake in activities appropriate for your ability level.

If you do find yourself having an accident during your winter travels that wasn’t your fault then here at Slater and Gordon we’re always on hand to help you out.

We want to know what sort of winter journeys you’ll be making this year and how you plan to prepare to ensure you stay safe in the cooler weather. Make sure you join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using #SeasonalTravels.

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