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Safe Journey Guide

Staying safe on the roads isn’t something that should be taken for granted. We all like to think we’re safe drivers but how serious are we actually about road safety?

A brand new Slater and Gordon survey revealed that 83% of people believe that the safety of passengers in a car is the responsibility of the driver. Therefore before you get behind the wheel it’s pretty important that you’ve made sure you, your vehicle and your passengers are safe.

That’s why we’re launching a new campaign to help promote the importance of carrying out safety checks before you set off. According to our survey results the personal health of the driver is the most important thing to check before your journey. It’s not just the driver who needs to be in a fit state though, 19% of people we surveyed think that tyre pressure is the most important check to carry out whilst for 18% of people it’s all about the lights.

No matter how safety aware you are sometimes the worst does happen. If you find yourself involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault then the Personal Injury Solicitors at Slater and Gordon are on hand to offer you the help and advice that you need.

Do you have your own top tips for ensuring a smooth and safe drive? Or maybe you’re super safety conscious and want to tell us your story. Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think to our #SafeJourneyGuide

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