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Mesothelioma 2017 - The Essential Update Event

Slater and Gordon were proud to be among the sponsors for an Essential Update seminar organised by Mesothelioma UK on 22 March at the Wellcome Foundation in London.

I was delighted to attend and it was an excellent coming together of medical practitioners and researchers in their respective fields of expertise. I was particularly taken by the overwhelming desire and will of the medical community to find a cure for victims of mesothelioma and the research made in the field of gene and immunotherapy.

Mavis Nye, who is a survivor of the disease and one of the delegates at the seminar, is  testament to the outcome of advances made in this field of medicine.

As an asbestos lawyer acting on behalf of such victims and championing their cause, it is particularly heartening to hear that their care and prognosis can be improved with appropriate therapy and it encourages me to seek interim payments from defendant insurers to cover the cost of such treatment where ever possible.



Alison Blake, Slater and Gordon’s asbestos support worker, said: “Many of the delegates were there to gain an insight into the findings of research and trials amongst the medics in the mesothelioma community.

“Listening to the professionals present their work is always very interesting and there is usually one speaker that grabs my attention. That particular speaker was Dr Andrew Wilcock, a clinical reader in Palliative Medicine and Medical Oncology in the University of Nottingham. His presentation on palliative care and the need to change the perception of it all being about end of life was fascinating.  He wants to try and make it all about ‘supportive care’ to enable people to live as long as possible with an incurable disease. This approach is in place of giving the impression that chemotherapy or other treatments are not working and therefore nothing else can be done and death is looming.

“He also flagged up the essential need for support for the carers. This is something I have been endorsing for many years. This supportive care should be introduced at an early stage and patients and their carers given the chance to live as long as possible without pain and anxiety. It will be a long process to try and change the concept and minds of those involved, but I personally thought it was a real positive step in the right direction.”


Edmund Young is a principal personal injury lawyer, specialising in asbestos disease claims at Slater and Gordon in London.

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