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Top Tips to Minimise Legal Costs on Divorce

For the average divorcee it takes four years, 10 months and two weeks to get back on track financially, but separating from your spouse or partner does not need to be an expensive process.

The reality of finances on divorce and what most people think happens to money and assets on divorce are often two completely different things. 

Despite what many people think there is no set formula for dividing assets on divorce and it is a myth that the main earner in the couple must pay for the divorce.

These tips will help you get the best out of your family lawyer and will ensure that your separation can be as cost effective as possible.

Top Tips For Minimising Legal Costs on Separation or Divorce:

  1. Talk TogetherThe more you can agree on together the less time a solicitor is likely to spend on your case resolving disputes. 
  1. Be Prepared And Get Organised – Your solicitor is likely to need documents relating to your property, investments, savings, pension, debts and income.

    Get organised with all of your information and passwords for online accounts to hand.

    The more efficient you are at handing documents over to your lawyer the easier it is for them to help you. 
  1. Do What Your Solicitor Tells You to do Your family lawyer will be an expert in their field and will have probably handled cases like yours many times before.

    If your solicitor asks you to obtain something and you don’t, it may increase your legal costs if your lawyer has to chase you. This is why it is so important to do what your solicitor tells you to do when they tell you to do it.

    If you can’t do what your solicitor needs you to do let them know so they can plan ahead. 
  1. Prioritise Your Objectives Look to the future and see what you want to achieve following your divorce.

    I find my clients sometimes focus too much on the small details like who should keep the dining room table rather than how the house should be divided.

    Pick your battles and spend your legal costs on things that really matter to you. 
  1. Fixed Fees Fixed fees can be a really good way to manage your legal costs and ensure that your fees stay within your budget.

    Firm’s such as Slater and Gordon offer competitive fixed fees which can help to minimise legal fees.

It is also advisable to take legal advice from a specialist family lawyer in relation to your separation especially where you have children or joint finances.

Call the expert team of family lawyers at Slater and Gordon on freephone 0800 916 9055 or contact us online for assistance with your divorce or separation.

Amy Harris is an expert in handling divorce cases, separation agreements and dissolution of civil partnerships. She works in the London office for Slater and Gordon Lawyers.

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