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What is a partnership or LLP dispute?

Partnership disputes arise when partners or LLP members find that they are no longer able to work together.



What Causes Partners And LLP Members to Fall Out?

There can be a number of different triggers for a dispute to arise between partners and LLP members. Often one or more of the partners feel that they are not being properly rewarded for the work that they are putting in.

Disputes can also involve the expulsion of a member form a partnership, or the dissolution of the organisation.

By their nature partnership disputes tend to be toxic. There can be personal animosity, a feeling of betrayal and a need to preserve a business which those involved may very well have spent a lifetime putting together.

Unlawful discrimination is another area of potential dispute between partners. Partners are protected by law against discrimination on the grounds of race, disability, gender, pregnancy, maternity or paternity and religious or non-religious beliefs.

If you have a partnership or LLP dispute and require practical advice from a commercial point of view Slater and Gordon Lawyers have the tools to help you resolve your dispute in a cost effective and sensible manner.

You can call the partnership and LLP dispute resolution solicitors at Slater and Gordon Lawyers on freephone 0800 049 2540 or contact us online.

Andrew Bogle is a dispute resolution lawyer at Slater and Gordon in Chester.

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