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Soldiers and Army Families Concern at Unsafe Homes

Members of the British Armed Forces and their families are living in squalor in homes that are unsafe and poorly maintained, according to a recent investigation by The Sun newspaper.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) pay a third party supplier to maintain service family homes but there are around 1,000 complaints a week from families who say the standard of maintenance is very poor indeed.

It’s alleged that some families live without cookers and running water for months before the issues are fixed by the maintenance company. Others allege they are living in homes with holes in the ceiling, no heating due to broken boilers and widespread mould.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is said to be very concerned about the reports and has asked for them to be investigated as a matter of urgency.

Army Families Worried About Housing

A third of all army families are worried about the state of their housing, according to an Army Families Federation report published last year.

The report revealed that, out of all the people surveyed, more than 2,800 people had queries about the state of their housing, a 23 per cent rise on the previous year.

In an interview with Forces TV, Army Families Federation Chief Executive, Catherine Spencer, said that there have been “significant issues” with the maintenance supplier regarding “heating and missed appointments”.

The shocking revelations about the state of the homes some of our service families are having to live in seems to go against the basic principles of the Armed Forces Covenant which says that our service personnel and their families will be treated fairly and not be at a disadvantage compared to people outside the military.

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