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Keeping Safe in Road Works to Prevent Accidents

Sometimes it might feel that everywhere you drive has some sort of road works in force, but this means you need to take extra care as a driver. It also means that pedestrians need to be more aware.

Follow the Rules

When driving through road works, whether there are workers present or not, you should always follow the speed limit set by road side signage. The road may look totally clear, and work may not have even started, but if there are signs telling you to go at a certain speed, they are there for a reason.

Making sure you stick to the reduced speed limit increases your chances of being able to stop if something unexpected happens. Although workers try and keep the carriageway clear of debris, there may still be some lying about, or accidentally moved into your path. At slower speeds you can avoid hitting obstacles on the road, and stop debris being flung at other road users preventing further road traffic accidents.

Many sections of road works have average speed cameras, so you don’t want to face a fine and penalty points for speeding.

Walking When There are Road Works

Pedestrians are most at risk of accidents due to road works. A usual crossing may not be there, or be redirected. The road that is usually one way may be used as a two way thoroughfare. It’s really important to make sure you know which direction traffic is approaching from before attempting to cross the road.

Also, make yourself visible. Don’t try and cross a road in the middle of road works. Drivers can become disorientated by changes to their routes and this increases the chance of them not seeing you at the side of the road.

If a pavement sign tells you that the pavement is closed, don’t walk on the road to avoid it. Use the nearest crossing and walk on the other side of the road. As before, when drivers have to concentrate on road works as well as pedestrians, they may not anticipate you walking in the road.

Don’t Get Annoyed at Road Works

Road rage increases dramatically when people are faced with road works. It’s really important, as both driver and pedestrian, not to let road works get you annoyed and angry. There will be other drivers that get confused and hesitate, whilst you know where you’re going. There will be drivers that get agitated and angry around you. Try not to let them get to you and increase your anxiety levels. Increased anger and anxiety levels leads to more accidents.

Road works are usually there for an obvious reason, but sometimes you may come across a length of cones and signage that don’t seem to have any purpose. Many road work teams put out the basic infrastructure ahead of the work taking place, but it does mean that you still need to adhere to the rules of the road, as well as paying attention and slowing down.

Claiming for an Accident in Road Works

It can be tricky to figure out who is to blame if you have an accident in road works. If you do have an accident in works then you need to collect as much information as possible, take photographs, and try to get witness details.

If you believe that incorrect signage or placement of cones and other road work equipment caused the accident then you must let police know. They can then correct the problem and keep other drivers safe.

If you have suffered an injury, either as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, in road works then call Slater and Gordon’s expert team of traffic accident lawyers. Call us on 0800 112 4492 or contact us online and we will call you.

98% of our road traffic accident claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is more commonly known as a No Win, No Fee agreement. This means there is no financial risk to you.

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