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Partner Waltzed Off…? Divorce is no Laughing Matter

Some people have been shocked following the poster we launched off the back of the curse of Strictly Come Dancing relationship break ups.

It’s unusual for family lawyers to make light of divorce and we take the view that the breakup of a relationship is no laughing matter. It's one of the most serious and important issues that some couples and families will ever have to deal with. In fact, it's because it's so important that we have launched this campaign.

Through our years of experience working with clients, we know that people often feel trapped in their marriage because they wrongly believe certain myths around divorce.

One in four people think that the marital home must be sold – it doesn’t. Perhaps most worrying, 40 per cent of people believe that both parties must agree to a divorce for it to proceed – this is not true.

With so many myths and misconceptions around divorce, we felt it was vital to undertake an awareness campaign to combat the myths and to educate people on the topic. Especially ahead of DDay – the time of year when people are most likely to start divorce proceedings.

We are not advocating divorce. We know that divorce is very much a last resort for couples, with most trying to fix the problems in their marriage before deciding on a divorce. Furthermore, the average person spends more than two years thinking about divorce before acting upon it.

Our divorce lawyers are specially trained to provide a caring, compassionate and informative service. A part of this service is to ensure that the people who come to us have the best information available to make the right decision for both themselves and their families.

We all know that Strictly Come Dancing has an unfortunate association with relationship breakdowns but, rather than adding to the current scandal that fills the gossip columns, we wanted to use the show's reputation as a platform for an educational campaign to ensure people are better informed about their legal rights and options. Our research shows that 85% people believe you can get a divorce for 'irreconcilable differences' – this is an American law and holds no weight in UK courts.

There is no escaping the fact that adultery is the most common reason for divorce, but it is not the only one – nor is it the only theme we are focused on. The campaign highlights misconceptions regarding custody, finances and legal process – not just the causes of divorce. Below is a video that explains the most common myths people believe about divorce.

The fact is that one in three marriages now ends in divorce and it’s our job as family lawyers to ensure that people know what happens in a divorce, what their rights are when it comes to residency, joint bank accounts and the family home.

Divorce is a reality in modern Britain and it’s foolish for us to pretend it isn’t. By not talking about divorce we are contributing towards the stigma around ending your marriage, with a sixth of divorcees losing their whole social circle after their divorce. Lawyers have a responsibility to help stamp out the stigma, reveal the truth about the myths and help couples who want to end their marriage achieve the best outcome for their family.

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