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Mass Redundancy in The Solar Power Industry

1,600 people in the solar power industry have been issued with a redundancy notice.

This comes after the news that the UK Government plans to cut the subsidies awarded to renewable energy. Without the Government support of the solar power industry, 25 per cent of firms might be at risk of closure.

The Mark Group and Climate Energy have already gone into administration. The solar industry and its supply chain provides jobs for around 35,000 people across 2,380 UK companies. Now 27,000 people have their jobs at risk according to the Solar Trade Association with 576 jobs having already been made redundant.

In order for these redundancies to be valid the employer must be able to prove that the company has a need for an overall reduction in staff or that the jobs no longer exist.

If you are at risk of redundancy in the solar power industry you may well have already begun a collective consultation process where your company is looking at ways in which they might be able to avoid making people redundant. Employers are required by the law to go through a collective consultation process when they plan on making a large number of redundancies. Even if the proposed number of redundancies is small, there is still a legal obligation to go through individual consultation.

Employers must also have a fair selection policy for redundancy. Not only this, employers must explain their decision to you, should they decide to make you redundant. If you are selected for redundancy unfairly or if your employer doesn’t follow the correct procedure you could have a claim for unfair dismissal. If you are unsure whether or not you can challenge your redundancy selection you should seek advice from an employment solicitor.

Slater and Gordon employment lawyer Clive Howard said: “However dire the state of the industry may be, the employer must still meet its legal obligations. There can be no shortcuts to following a fair procedure.”

The employment solicitors at Slater and Gordon are experts at challenging redundancy selection.

If you are interested in receiving expert help to assist you through the redundancy process you can call us on freephone 0800 916 9060 or contact us online. We can assess if there has been adequate consultation and whether proper procedure has been followed.


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