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VW Emissions Scandal: 8.5 Million Cars Recalled Across Europe

Volkswagen has just released the latest figures in relation to the emissions scandal and they are to recall 8.5 million cars across Europe.

VW have said that vehicles will be taken off the road across the continent to have the emissions cheating software removed. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority rejected VW’s proposals for customers to voluntarily bring their cars in for a fix, and demanded a mandatory recall across the brands.

The demands from the German authorities have led to VW instigating an EU-wide formal recall. Volkswagen says they welcome the German decision saying it would “give customers clarity with regard to the continued unrestricted use of the vehicles”. The UK recall is to start in January 2016.

This is a quick change of plans from VW as they had previously said that customers could bring their cars in for a fix if they wanted to, but they could still keep on driving the cars with the cheat device if they wished. They had told motorists that the cars remain legal to drive because they pass emissions tests, even if that was just down to the emissions cheating device on board.

Paul Willis, the head of Volkswagen UK, has promised that VW will “do the right thing” and “fully resolve” any issues around the diesel emissions scandal. He spoke to the Commons environmental audit committee and reiterated the apology he made to the MP select committee earlier in the week: “I can speak for the whole group when I can say Volkswagen is deeply sorry.”

Italian police have raided VW’s main office in Italy, including that of its supercar range Lamborghini over the emissions scandal. Six executives of the VW group, based in Italy, have been placed under investigation, including VW Italy's CEO Massimo Nordio and the marketing and sales chief of the Italian branch of Audi, Luca De Meo. Lamborghini, which was bought by VW in 1998, said “We are cooperating closely with the authorities.”

Slater and Gordon are investigating the possibility of group action against VW and over 3,000 people have joined us with interest in claims for compensation. If you have been affected by the VW emissions scandal and would like to register your interest, please visit our VW Emissions Scandal Investigation page and leave your details.

Jacqueline Young is Head of Group Litigation at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

Follow Jacqueline on Twitter for live updates on the VW scandal.

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