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Vauxhall To Investigate Exploding Zafiras

Vauxhall has promised to look into the case of 77 exploding Zafiras after a Facebook group was set up by disgruntled car owners.

A group of angry mothers, led by Sue Freemantle, have vented their frustrations about not being taken seriously by Vauxhall via the social media platform. They have been joined by over 1,400 others since starting the group on Facebook and have received lots of pictures of Vauxhall Zafiras on fire.

Vauxhall have now agreed to look into the explosions to see if there is a fault and if it is a cause for concern. At the moment it’s not clear which Zafiras are affected or why the fires started in the first place.

Reports from victims say that the fires started incredibly quickly and took hold in no time at all.

Within minutes of the first smoke appearing from the car, the whole vehicle went up in flames, giving the unsuspecting occupants only seconds to run from the fire.

So far, 77 cases have been reported, and luckily no one has been injured. But many drivers are rightly concerned that it is only a matter of time before someone is unable to escape their exploding Zafira.

Director of communications at Vauxhall, Denis Chick, confirmed that customer safety is Vauxhall’s highest priority and said, “We are investigating the fault and we have our guys in Germany looking into the root of the problem.

“We cannot specify what work they are doing, or say anything else at all, until we have all the facts. At the moment there has been a lot of speculation on Facebook and we can't comment on speculation.”

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