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Warning: Is Your Spinach Infected?

Research by health experts has revealed that pre-washed spinach contains bacteria that could cause food poisoning.

According to post-doctoral researcher, Nichola Kinsinger of the University of California, commercial processes for washing spinach leaves before packing them to be sold in supermarkets are not thorough and fail to remove 90% of bacteria.

Nichola Kinsinger commented, “In a sense the leaf is protecting the bacteria and allowing it to spread… Despite current disinfection rinsing, bacteria are surviving on the leaf and causing cross contamination, resulting in the numerous outbreaks we hear about in the media.”

Spinach itself is good for you. Packed full of vitamins it is a healthy addition to your diet. However, bacteria has the ability to hide beneath the surface of spinach leaves. Until a more effective method of pre-washing spinach before it makes its way into our shops, of great concern is that many people may not wash the contaminated spinach before consuming it.

Bags are marked as “pre-washed” and “ready to eat” suggesting consumers may purchase the pre-washed spinach leaves and immediately eat them. But given the considerable risk of food poisoning from bacteria that supermarkets’ commercial cleaning process have not eliminated, it is essential that you wash shop-bought spinach leaves before eating them.

In a previous blog on the subject of contaminated chicken, leading UK supermarkets risked food poisoning compensation claims due to raw packaged chicken contaminated with campylobacter. In that instance, Asda began to sell 50% of their chicken as “roast in the bag” packaging so that consumers would limit the amount they needed to handle the raw chicken, and so cut the risk of spreading bacteria.

With any food that may potentially be contaminated with bacteria, it is important that you are cautious whilst cleaning, preparing and serving so as to avoid food poisoning. If you suffer food poisoning from food bought in the supermarket labelled as ready to eat, the supermarket has a responsibility to ensure that it is ready to eat.

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