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VW Scandal – What does it mean for third party fleet hire companies?

Following the revelation that VW have sold 1.2 million vehicles fitted with defeat device software to cheat emissions tests, Slater and Gordon has been inundated by VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda owners seeking information and advice about bringing legal action against VW for the resulting costs and losses they face.

Slater and Gordon have also been approached by leasing and fleet companies that supply affected models to their clients and who understandably are concerned with a drop off in business following the admission of cheating emissions tests and the damage to their profits when the vehicles have to be refitted.

Leasing and fleet companies tend to pride themselves on their reputation for providing bespoke, high quality and reliable vehicles to their clients. They also tend to be conscious of their environmental impact and promote this through offering vehicles which have low emissions and are greener. As such a lot of them have moved over to diesel cars in the recent past which have been sold as cleaner and greener than their petrol counterparts.

Slater and Gordon, who have been contacted by over 2,000 concerned UK VW owners, warn that any modifications may have detrimental effects on the functionality and future sales values of the effected cars. Until an independent third party has advised on the process of refitting the affected cars as well as the effects on driveability and resale value, UK owners should act with caution when contacted by VW.

We are investigating the possibility of UK-based consumers bringing legal action against Volkswagen (VW). Our specialist litigation team are looking into the options for those who have been affected by the scandal, which includes the VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda brands.

If you think you have been affected, please visit our Volkswagen CO2 Emission Scandal Legal Investigation page to register your information.

Jacqueline Young is Head of Group Litigation at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

Follow Jacqueline Young on Twitter for live updates on the VW scandal @jacyounglawyer

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