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Top 10 Reasons Brits Stay Friends with Their Ex

Join us as we count down the top ten reasons why we stay friends with our exes.

10. “Reconciliation”. One of the reasons people chose to stay friends with their ex after a break up is in case they ever want to reconcile further down the line.

9. “I value the friendship”. Nearly a quarter of those we surveyed said they found it became easier to be friends the more that time passed on.

8. “Because I like my ex-partner”. Why not stay friends if you like them? And if you like them so much why not go on holiday with them too? We found that 21% of people think it is nice when divorced couples are able to holiday together.

7. “To remain close to my ex-partner’s family”. Of the people we surveyed 5% were chose to remain friends with their ex because they were close to their family. More than half the people we surveyed have had contact with their ex’s family since the separation.

6. “I need to remain on good terms because of financial worries”. To avoid aggravating their ex and risk getting into a legal battle they cannot afford to enter, 4% of people will keep things amicable.


5. “I love my ex, but I’m not in love with them”. This is what 6% of people from our survey admitted to.

4. “To retain shared friends”. Around half of the people that we surveyed said they found it easy to remain friends with their ex. If you do not feel on edge in their presence then it is easier for your mutual friends to relax too and really enjoy the time you spend together. Making the breakup easier for mutual friends was a motivation for 10% of couples to remain friends after divorce.

3. “Because of a shared history”. If you have got a lot of history with someone, as 20% of our survey respondents did, you might not want to cut them out of your life and prefer to stay friends.

2. “To make things easier in the long run”. It is true that by remaining at least civil it can make the divorce process easier. It also opens you up to the possibility of using non-confrontational approaches to your relationship breakdown such as mediation and collaborative law. Working together has advantages such as being able to tailor solutions to your individual circumstances, especially if you have a family to consider.

1. “For the children”. This is the most common reason that exes will remain friends after a divorce or separation. There is often less conflict in divorce cases when children are involved. Children are happier when their parents get along and it is widely believed that they perform better at school and are healthier too.

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