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Marissa Mayer Plans Minimal Maternity Leave for Baby Twins

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, sparked debate when she announced her plans to take ‘limited time’ off work after the impending birth of twins.

Twins Maternity LeaveWomen make up only 4% of the leaders in the Fortune 1,000 companies. Since Marissa became the President and CEO of Yahoo back in 2012 she has been under a lot of scrutiny.

When she first took charge of the American giant technology company she was pregnant with her first child. After giving birth, she went back to work just two weeks later (the minimum amount of time you can spend off following giving birth in the UK). She then had a nursery built in her office to look after her son and shortly afterwards increased the company’s paid maternity leave from eight to 16 weeks.

However, it is thought that, providing her continued health and the health of her twins, Marissa will only take two of her 16 available weeks off as paid maternity leave. Since she announced plans to “approach the pregnancy and delivery as I did with my son three years ago, taking limited time away and working throughout” on Tumblr, many people have commented.

The level of attention has been over and above that which a male CEO of a technology firm would have received surrounding news of pregnancy and paternity leave.

Slater and Gordon Employment Lawyer Samantha Mangwana said, “It is entirely up to Marissa Mayer how much maternity leave she wishes to use. It is concerning the level of scrutiny that her decision to return to work shortly after giving birth to twins has come under. If a male CEO chose not to take paternity leave after becoming a father of twins he would not be harangued the same way in which Marissa has been. I wish Marissa all the best”

After the introduction of Shared Parental Leave in the UK, it is now possible for parents to share 50 weeks of leave from work. This has helped make it easier for mothers to return to work and fathers to stay at home and take care of parenting responsibilities.

Slater and Gordon Employment Lawyers are experts in maternity and paternity discrimination. If you need help with employment law advice contact our expert Employment Solicitors on freephone 0800 916 9060 or contact us online and we will call you back.

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