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Barrister Bitten by Spider on Flight Avoids Amputation

A passenger on board a 10-hour long-haul flight from Doha to Cape Town suffered a horrifying spider bite that nearly resulted in losing his leg.

Commercial London barrister, Jonathon Hogg was travelling on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Cape Town when - six hours into the flight - he believes he was bitten by a spider. Mr Hogg said, “I was struggling to get comfortable during the journey and crossed my legs to get into a better position when I felt a small, sharp pain radiating in my left leg.

“I turned on the light and clearly saw a spider running across the floor before hearing two stewardesses screaming ‘spider’ but I wasn’t sure if I had been bitten as it really wasn’t very painful.”

Mr Hogg said the resulting injuries to his leg resembled “something from a horror film” and that “The pain was like nothing I've been through in my life.

"By the time I got to hospital my leg was bursting open, there was pus, it was black. It was a right mess. They told me if I had been any later I would have lost my leg or even died. It was terrifying.

“What has made the situation even worse has been the attitude of the airline. They have made no attempt to resolve the issue and have basically said it was nothing to do with them.

“All this has left me very traumatised but determined to seek justice. No one should have to go through what I have and if the airline has made a mistake it should take responsibility.”

Mr Hogg has suffered a harrowing experience after he was bitten by a very venomous spider. This situation could have been far worse with Mr Hogg narrowly avoiding losing his leg and perhaps even his life.

Airlines have a responsibility to protect passengers from dangerous potential pests by properly fumigating all planes. We will now be investigating Mr Hogg’s claim to determine if there has been any wrongdoing by the airline.

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