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Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger files for séparation du corps. What Does That Mean?

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has separated from his wife, Annie, after five years of marriage.

The couple, who have been together for around two decades and have an 18-year old daughter together, filed a legal document called a séparation du corps.

What is a Séparation du Corps?

A séparation du corps is not a divorce, but rather a legal separation where couples are free to see other people and no longer have to live together. It is believed that Arsene and Annie have been living apart for several months already. They will be automatically granted a divorce within two years, so long as the ‘separation of bodies’ judgement that was made in France is not overturned.

The UK equivalent would be a separation agreement. Often used by couples who do not wish to get a divorce but need to separate and sort out agreements on how to look after the children and split assets, property and investments. People sometimes opt to separate rather than divorce for religious reasons.

What Will Happen to Arsene Wenger’s Riches?

It is thought that Arsene Wenger will continue to look after his family and that he and Annie have already divided their assets and agreed their financial settlement. When financial settlements are made there is an emphasis on looking after any children or dependants that the couple have together.

There are different ways to reach a financial settlement after separation such as voluntary disclosure, mediation, going to court and collaborative law. A Family Lawyer can explain the different options to you and advise on which course of action is best suited to you for sorting out your financial settlement after separation or divorce.

Wenger is known for being tight-fisted in the football transfer market. But it is unlikely we will ever know how generous the settlement agreement is between this football player turned manager and his ex-basketball player wife, as the club refuses to talk about employees’ personal issues.

You can call the Family Solicitors at Slater and Gordon Lawyers on freephone 0800 916 9055 for an initial consultation about your finances after separation or alternatively you can contact us online.

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