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Why do I Need a Specialist for an Overseas Accident Claim?

Sometimes accidents happen, although they may be the last thing on your mind when travelling overseas. In the event of an accident abroad, specialist travel litigation lawyers are equipped to help you to pursue a compensation claim.

Here’s a simple guide explaining overseas accidents claims, and why it is important to consult a specialist travel litigation lawyers above a general personal injury solicitor.

Can I Make an Accident Abroad Compensation Claim?

Many people are under the illusion that an overseas accident compensation claim might not apply to them. Perhaps it is because when travel litigation claims make the headlines they don’t often include common accidents such as road traffic matters, or trips or slip by a swimming pool, or food poisoning outbreaks. But any unexpected accident overseas like these can take a great toll – often serious – and should not be brushed aside, especially in light of any medical costs that may be incurred.

You need only see the results of a recent study by the Post Office to find out the likeliness and expense of an accident abroad. In the event that you’re injured, the cost of an injury abroad can be much worse for people who do not purchase travel insurance.

A compensation claim is not a matter of a windfall, but rather pursuing your legal rights if you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents result in injuries that require medical attention; this can cost, and the price of medical attention varies overseas. Above all else, an overseas accident claim can compensate you for the costs associated with your recovery and rehabilitation.

Why do I Need a Specialist if I Have an Accident Abroad?

In the event you need to pursue a compensation claim for an accident that has occurred overseas, it is important that you choose a specialist travel litigation lawyer rather than a general PI lawyer because there are complex issues. Firstly, careful analysis is required to determine if you can bring your overseas claim in England or Wales.
There then needs to be investigation to understand if English law applies to your case, or another law such as the law of the country where the accident occurred. Foreign law experts may need to be called upon.

There are technical issues that surround accident abroad claims, including relating to serving a claim form outside of England and foreign time limits for pursuing a case can be shorter than the standard English three-year limitation period.

The team of Travel Litigation Experts at Slater and Gordon Lawyers have extensive experience in all manners of compensation claims involving an accident outside of the UK and offer free of charge, no obligation initial advice.

Joanne Berry is a Travel Lawyer at Slater and Gordon in Manchester.

If you or your holiday party suffer an accident abroad, our No Win, No Fee Solicitors can help you with your claim for compensation.

Call us on Freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online.

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