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The Most Bizarre Sports Injuries Ever

Australian cricketer, Chris Rodgers had to retire on the fourth morning of the second Ashes Test due to coming over all dizzy. The left-handed opening batsman was given assistance leaving the field after receiving medical attention when he slumped to his knees.

On day two of the test Rodgers was hit on the helmet by a James Anderson bowl. After suffering a concussion you might experience dizzy spells. However, the hit on the helmet has not been linked to the incident.

Dizziness can be caused by stress, anxiety or a migraine. With the sports star wearing hot batting equipment, the unconfirmed cause of the dizzy spell could have been a factor of heat exhaustion and the effects of dehydration.

With many plausible reasons for the why Rodgers suffered a dizzy spell, his retirement from the field would appear less odd than when the player initially sat down during play.

In fact, it almost looks normal when compared to some of the following bizarre sports injuries:

Golf superstar, Nick Faldo, was very close to not making his impressive 71 at his last British Open thanks to a stuffed deer! He could have missed professional golf’s oldest major championship after impaling his middle finger on a deer head that was mounted on the wall.

Over exuberant celebrations have been the causes of some serious injuries. Scottish golfer, Bobby Cruickshank, was knocked unconscious by his own club when he celebrated by flipping it skywards!

American Football player Malcolm Mitchell tore his anterior cruciate ligament when celebrating his Georgia Bulldog teammates’ touchdown with a flying chest bump! The same injury somehow befell Bill Gramatica when in 2001 he celebrated a field goal for the Arizona Cardinals with a fist bump that went very, very wrong.

Footballers have also had their share of outrageous sporting injuries. Manchester United goalkeeper Alex Stepney once shouted at his defence so loudly that he dislocated his jaw. Ouch!

In 2002, Aston Villa striker Darius Vassell managed to infect his toe after he tried to pop a blood blister with a power drill! What?

Perhaps strangest of all is the reason why Norwegian defender Svein Grondalen missed out on a World Cup qualifier back in the 1970s. He managed to run straight into a moose while out for a jog!

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