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Stomach Bug Outbreak at Tenerife Holiday Village

Dozens of British holidaymakers have been left with a painful stomach bug at the Tenerife Holiday Village in Spain.

The outbreak has been linked to the resort swimming pools, which had been briefly closed due to people defecating in them, before being reopened. Symptoms have included violent stomach cramps, diarrhoea and nausea. According to the Sun newspaper, travel company First Choice had told one sufferer that the outbreak was simply a case of “holiday tummy” – something that has been widely disputed, with one witness telling the Sun, “Every other person you meet has a sick child. There must be 50 cases.”

Doctors have been called into the resort to aid those who are suffering the bug, and the hotel is carrying out independent checks to find out the cause. A spokesperson from First Choice stated, “We can confirm that a very small number of guests staying at the Holiday Village Tenerife reported that they had been unwell, with symptoms similar to a virus.

“First Choice closely monitors and regularly audits all the hotels to which we operate to ensure that health, hygiene and comfort levels are maintained in line with industry standards.

“As a precautionary measure the hotel has an independent expert carrying out checks.”

Slater and Gordon Travel Litigation Executive, Simon Weilding, commented, “It would seem apparent that a significant number of holidaymakers have been taken ill, warranting a full investigation to establish the cause and determine if there has been a breakdown in hygiene procedures. If this is down to a hygiene failing, many holidaymakers have been severely let down.

“My advice to anyone returning from this resort who has suffered illness is to consult their GP as soon as possible to seek treatment and to confirm exactly what their illness is. Thereafter, they should seek legal advice regarding possible compensation. Holidaymakers should retain any evidence of illness such as receipts from chemists, doctor's prescriptions and copies of complaints made to tour representatives in resort."

Many holidaymakers and travellers involved in an accident overseas are unaware that they can pursue a compensation claim in the UK. If you have been affected by an outbreak of illness at the Tenerife Village or anywhere overseas, you should seek legal advice on how to claim compensation for any medical costs incurred.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are experts in securing compensation in all types of holiday accident claims. Our specialist team of Travel Litigation solicitors have extensive experience in cases involving illness outbreaks overseas, including holidaymakers that suffered a food poisoning outbreak at the Majesty Club Tarhan Beach Hotel in Turkey.

Call Slater and Gordon Lawyers on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online. From outside the UK please call +44 20 7657 1555.

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